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We provide quick and affordable Backflow Preventer services. New clients gets FREE onsite backflow preventer analysis and advice with NO commitment.  We provide backflow preventer services for all makes and models so you can get full service no matter the type or the size of  backflow valve that you have.  We handle the process for you from A to Z, providing you with an honest inspection and all the paperwork necessary to file with the town and DEP.

We can handle all of your backflow preventer needs, including backflow testing, installation, repair and replacement, in New Jersey and New York City.

We are experts in backflow prevention assembly and are very familiar with the backflow testing and backflow repair requirements and codes in the New Jersey and New York area in residential and commercial; in some towns we know the inspectors personally.  

It is helpful to know the specific requirements of each backflow preventer make and model in order to provide you with quick diagnosis and service so you can operate your business without any interruption.

nj-backflow-companyBackflow Testing & Repairs New Jersey

Backflow testing requires us to turn off your main water line for a short time, schedule the backflow testing at your convenience any day or night, after work hours or during the weekends we help you stay open without any interruption in your business.

For any backflow repairs that may be needed, we will let you know ahead of time and provide you with quick repairs.

We carry most of the parts that may be needed in a repair or replacement of a backflow valve in our van with us so we can serve you right away.  In case of an emergency where water is leaking from a backflow preventer valve and we need to order a replacement part, most of the time we have a way to repair it temporarily until we receive the needed replacement part.

Sewer Backflow Preventer Cost

We aim to provide you with backflow preventer testing and other services for less cost than our competition. We can provide you with a discount if you have more then one backflow assembly device. Backflow preventer costs mainly depend on the type, model and size of your backflow preventer.

we can provide you with the price over the phone, call us to find out 201-399-2160.

Annual Sewer Backflow Prevention Testing

We provide the annual backflow prevention testing for clients year after year, that are happy to work with us as and refer us to new clients as our reputation and care for our clients comes first.  As we said, we provide a free onsite visit so we can give you exact advice regarding what needs to be done with your backflow, if its a single one on the main water line or sewer line repair backflow, irrigation system backflow or backflow prevention for a fire and sprinkler system.

Contact us today at: 201-399-2160 to receive free estimate over the phone or schedule a free visit at your convenience and at NO cost.

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